Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Paige Says, "Greg Walters Leaves a Trail of His Own Ignorance"

This Unprovoked Attack on Me, is an Attack on You.

From my friends at CRN - Computer Reseller News, no less.

I have no idea how I even popped up on their radar, but apparently I ruffled some back room feathers. I am an easy target, my name is all over my blog, unlike the fictitious "Paige Coverage"; an obvious Xerox marketing creation, and yes, I actually have real pictures of me.

Thank goodness I didn't post pics of my children, for they would have been thrown under the bus with me.

What befuddles me, beyond comprehension, is what nerve have I struck?

Perhaps the Xerox folks I have been working with for the last year, evaluating PagePack and ColorCube as possible offerings here at SIGMAnet, will be able to answer that question.

Perhaps the members from TeamXerox, who I met with last week during a Synnex event, can help me understand why I would consider moving forward, or even recommend anything from Xerox to my executives, prospects, clients, members of the MPSA, or the thousands of  DOTC readers.