Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Women Of Managed Print Services? NO. The Women Of DOTC ? Yes. - It's Not What You're Thinking

"Superstar, where you from? How's it going?"

Britney Spears - On a Canon...or is it a Ricoh? I guess it really doesn't matter, eh?

The eight, DOTC, reasons for this video:

1. Britney's naked...
b. She walks on her tip-toes...
c. Black nail polish
3. At 1:30 in the afternoon, she sits on a Canon and copies some of her lady parts...(b/w, 0.0009)
c. "You say I'm crazy...I got you're crazy..."
4. That thing with the cherry stem...
5. Maybach
f. Purple,Sparkly, spikes
z. the art of product placement...

Seriously, it was the copier scene. What steam room?

The point? Women. How could there be any other?

The imaging industry could be considered a boys club.

Indeed, the higher up the corporate ladder, the fewer females populate corner offices. This can be said about all industries.

I've been in this one since 1999, and engaged in B2B since 1988. I've met, worked with, under and been around 1,000's of professional women.

I don't like womanizers, never have.

There are professional, strong, powerful, confident women in our industry. This testicular prominent, 90% male dominated, niche.

Guys, consider this:  the new hottie may get in the door easier than you.  But she's got to prove herself to be twice the man you are to hold the tone.

Am I the only one who finds that a bit...repulsive?

I have been threatening a "Girls of DOTC Calendar", the "DOTC Poll Dancing Competition" and the "Women of Managed Print Services" for over a year now.

It's finally come to this: the "Women Of DOTC".

 Get your mind out of all those ladies' gutters- this is serious. This is business.

I think it is time to recognize the stellar females of our little industry as suggested by you, the readers of TheDeathOfTheCopier.

No poll dancing. No stage presence. No leopard thongs. No shrimp forks, whipped cream or Jello.

No mud.

Recommend women who have positively influenced our industry, the imaging industry. From any corner of the ecosystem.

Sales, support, marketing, publishing, leasing, OEM, dealer, trainer, consultant, research, dispatch, billing, management, production, software, toner, supplies, service, on and on. Anywhere in the market, and anywhere around the globe - London, Sydney, India, Japan, South Africa, USA, South America.

If you get DOTC, I implore you, nominate her.

Email your nominations to with the name of the women you think has added to your corner of the MPS world and deserves to be part of Constellation DOTC.

But be ready for a quick email/phone call from one of the DOTC staff. A brief conversation justifying why your recommendation deserves recognition.

Those who are found to be worthy, will be profiled here on DOTC, in a professional manner.

Please. No matter what.  Remember.

This exercise will tribute the Women of DOTC as independent, strong, positive, powerful women of the new century who have improved the MPS/Imaging/World in general.

We'll be taking nominations through the month of May.  I will accept personal recommendations at the North American MPS Conference in Orlando.

Winners to be announced and profiled through the summer of 2001 - July to October.

Have at it.

Click to email me.



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