Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Paige Says, "Greg Walters Leaves a Trail of His Own Ignorance"


This Unprovoked Attack on Me, is an Attack on You.

From my friends at CRN - Computer Reseller News, no less.

I have no idea how I even popped up on their radar, but apparently I ruffled some back room feathers. I am an easy target, my name is all over my blog, unlike the fictitious "Paige Coverage"; an obvious Xerox marketing creation, and yes, I actually have real pictures of me.

Thank goodness I didn't post pics of my children, for they would have been thrown under the bus with me.

What befuddles me, beyond comprehension, is what nerve have I struck?

Perhaps the Xerox folks I have been working with for the last year, evaluating PagePack and ColorCube as possible offerings here at SIGMAnet, will be able to answer that question.

Perhaps the members from TeamXerox, who I met with last week during a Synnex event, can help me understand why I would consider moving forward, or even recommend anything from Xerox to my executives, prospects, clients, members of the MPSA, or the thousands of  DOTC readers.


I have cut and pasted the entire post below.  But please, check it out for yourself.

Read and tread lightly for this isn't just an attack on me.  No, this goes deeper.  Much.

What Paige/Xerox has done is shown its colors - they don't like, they don't want, dissension.


Paige is a creation, like the Monkeys and a shill for Xerox.  Paige represents the will and vision of the Big X.  For all we know, Paige Coverage is Ursala Burns. In the end, Paige is Ursala.

The Summer of 2011 DOTC vs. X - un-fuking believable. Oh the fun we are going to have...

And yes, I know this is all a sham to get more hits on their small, pathetic site - God, I love this country.

Read on...

Greg Walters Leaves a Trail of His Own Ignorance
Posted by Paige Coverage on Jun 21, 2011 11:27:02 AM

When he's not parading past you his music library or posting You Tube videos on his site, Greg Walters hacks out a confounding and scattershot blog called "The Death of The Copier is the Death of MPS."

Presently he's mourning the sad and premature death of E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons, but he'll soon be back to getting his facts wrong, and contradicting himself with his bizarre attempts to frighten you out of a business he himself claims to be successful in: Managed Print Services (MPS).

Like spotting someone you've placed a restraining order on, I was reminded of Greg when a colleague forwarded me this rusting blog of his from December.

In it, Walters rekindles his addiction to managed print defamation by claiming that:

“Just as everyone figures out how to spell MPS, industry pundits kill it. Photizo called heavy growth rates in MPS Engagements through 2015 - of course this was back in the "olden days" - 2009! Last year at Lyra, consultants and statisticians explained that we will never return to the same levels of units (copier) sold, pre-2009.”

Same level of copier units sold? This is not an argument for the death of managed print services.

And Walters – who describes himself as “an MPS Practice Manager at medium-sized west coast VAR/MSP (whose) GP is consistently at 48% - fleet is doubling year to year, my goal is to quadruple in 2011” – should know this.

Managed print services is not about pushing boxes, anymore than managed IT services are about selling more PCs, or virtualization is about selling more servers, or cloud computing is about selling more storage hardware. A managed service is about optimizing existing resources. Sure it’s nice to sell some hardware, and everyone does. But service dollars outdistance hardware and software sales by a country mile, and have so increasingly for years.

Walters’ blog post goes on to feature quotes from those either too unsure of themselves to enter the managed print market, or are under the misconception that “it will make us millions on printer revenue.”

Walters’ opinions are just plain nonsense sprinkled with rock music lyrics, and no reputable technology reseller of any kind would allow this child to speak in front of their employees or customers.

It’s a shame that just as everyone figures out that certain blogs and social media sites can be of benefit to helping the channel drive more revenue through services, irresponsible self-promoters like Greg Walters come along to contaminate the well.

At least - by his own admission - no one is foolish enough to pay Greg Walters to write.

Below: Greg Walters sitting on a motorcycle.

It is not a motorcycle, its a Harley...

See how the story ends, with apologies, here.