Sunday, April 21, 2013

Walters & Shutwell Inc and Hendrix Business Systems Inc. Forge Joint Venture


Walters & Shutwell Inc. and Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. joint venture brings managed services to Charlotte

Charlotte, NC, USA - April 12, 2013 –

Walters & Shutwell Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. Walters & Shutwell Inc. and Hendrix Business Systems Inc. will jointly operate a managed services company named Hendrix Managed Services.

Hendrix Managed Services will provide state of the art, managed IT services to SMB and large organizations looking to reduce IT costs, enhance the end-user experience and focus on their day-to-day business.

Combining Hendrix’s superb customer service reputation, the solid performance and flexibility of Canon technology and the over 40 years of providing specialized business solutions knowledge of Walters & Shutwell Inc., Hendrix Managed Services will bring a portfolio of premier managed services to the Charlotte area.

“Technological advancements are changing the way we work and the way business gets done. The cloud, BYOD and paperless business processes present concerns and opportunities for companies of all sizes,” says Greg Walters, President, Walters & Shutwell Inc., “This joint venture, Hendrix Managed Services, will build upon Hendrix’s excellent reputation and solid managed print services practice to provide a complete IT services portfolio for the Charlotte metropolitan area.”

"This is a unique business venture," added Jennifer Shutwell, CEO, Walters & Shutwell Inc., "We are pleased to be partnering with Hendrix, an established business technology dealer with a reputation for going beyond the call of duty, yielding in excellent service for clients. Having a strong foundation built upon service makes Hendrix an ideal partner."

"We are proud and excited to be partnering with Walters & Shutwell Inc. in this joint business venture, " said Roger Hendrix, CEO, President of Hendrix Business Systems, "Their business acumen and industry knowledge will bring an enhanced level of expertise to our client base and the business community here in Charlotte."

This is a great opportunity for existing Hendrix Business Systems clients to take advantage of services typically available to large, global enterprises. Help desk, remote monitoring, NOC, backup, disaster recovery and cloud services are now affordable options for nearly every business.

Walters & Shutwell Inc. is a management advisory, technology services firm specializing in mobility, communication and transformation. Combining 40 years of industry knowledge with deep technology acumen, Walters & Shutwell Inc. collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses.

Unparalleled real world experience, comprehensive capabilities across all facets of the imaging industry, Walters & Shutwell Inc. offers innovative business and technical solutions to enable companies to meet their business and technology goals.

Greg Walters, President
Walters & Shutwell Inc.
425 N. Main St., Suite B
Davidson, NC 28036

Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. has been serving the greater Charlotte area for over 30 years. As an Authorized Canon Dealer, we provide document solutions for a variety of businesses throughout the Southeast region. In today’s fast paced environment, we understand speed is essential.

Hendrix Business Systems, Inc.
2040 Independence Commerce Dr, Matthews, NC
(704) 574-4800

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