Monday, April 14, 2008

How Green Is My Money..."Will Going Green in Business printing go the way of OS/2?"

"Green is In" If you call it "Green" or "Sustainability" people listen. Some listen with a smirk on their face until you point out the savings as a result of going "Green".

Here is a quick 3-Step recommendation by Dan Costa at PC Magazine. And I bet there is a 12 Step Green Program out there somewhere. (if not, I shall create one)

Does it feel like "Green" is the fashionable thing to do right now? With fashion, one season open silk shirts are all the rage at the clubs, next season it's
T-shirts made from organic materials.

The question is, "Will Going Green in Business go the way of OS/2?" and "What is the SUSTAINABILITY of the Going Green movement?"

Remember when duplexing was sold as a way to save paper? It really wasn't about saving paper, it is about saving money. And this is the trick. We aren't becoming Green to save the world, the whales or the Cheerleader - it is now and has always been about making more money by saving more money. Capitalism not Environmentalism.

There is a convergence of "Buyers" and "Technology" and "Profit" driven towards reducing costs. And specifically the cost of Energy. Profit is driving the Green movement - NOT corporate world citizenship.

What I find interesting is how long HP has been going green - prime example, Instant on fuser - it's been around since 1993 and is often a target for the competition. The argument would go something like, "why would you want your printer to draw power all day long?", the copier pitch would continue, "my system truly sleeps and is only on when you need it."

Bah! Since 1993, the HP "Instant on Fuser" has reduced Co2 emissions by 4.1 million tons! This is the equivalent to removing 870,000 cars from the road for one year. Since 1993.

Check this HP page out.

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