Friday, March 21, 2008

...Ramblings, without a Cause...

Anything you read in this post is rumor, innuendo..."I can neither confirm or deny, although I know the answer..." - Ronald Reagan, maybe.

Big meeting - lots of high-end HP dealers to review and share challenges and successes with HP directly. And a chance for HP to present future plans, programs and support for those VARs worthy. See "Loyalties".

- The take-away? HP responds instantly (
See this) and dealers whine about cost per copy.

A dozen Edgeline systems with meter reads at 6 million, and still printing...

- The take-away? I have seen many machines with 1 million or more; at the end of life.

Current engines easily getting to 94 ppm.

- The take-away? See it when I believe it.

Some VARs see current engines running at 125,000 color/month with no problems.

- The take-way? Some VARs employee "puffery" when discussing their successes.

Hole punch unit, RIP coming. The RIP, heavily disguised with duct tape, but still rumored to look like EFI.

Ramblings and talking about 225ppm for everyday business units; color.

Strap on your Goggles

...This changes everything...

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