Friday, April 18, 2008

I Know One Name - Canon

Should Canon buy IKON ? The rumor has been around for at least 4-5 years; Canon is going to buy IKON. I have no facts to back this up. Only guess work and conjecture.


The mature copier industry is consolidating; more mergers and acquisitions will take place. Kyocera? Sharp? Toshiba? Panasonic? We all know Oce is partly owned by the Dutch government, so very unlikely to be purchased.

Consider Canon - CBS:

With the purchase of IKON CBS becomes the largest provider of Electronic Document Management software and solutions in the US - with a very large staff of highly trained Professional Services people.

And don't forget the small, Canon facilities management presence - with the addition of the IKON FM client list, Canon FM becomes a large force to contend with.

And consider Ricoh - Canon could in one motion, force Ricoh to lose it's largest distribution channel. Both Canon and Ricoh have stated the IKON (at one time) represented a majority of their business. As in nearly 50%.

Of Course, the price. Apx 3.0 billion?

What about the investment firm that owns some IKN stock ? I wonder what they think...

More to come...

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