Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's True, I was Wrong

Konica buys DANKA I am feeling a little Deja Vu, as far as HP is concerned, "Danka Named First National Distributor of HP Edgeline Color Printers". I am thinking of the HP/Global acquisition that Xerox swooped in on.

So far the timeline goes like this:

1. HP and IKON team up to put the Hawks(9055, 9065) in the field.

- HP and IKON split.

2. HP looks to work with Global.

- Global is purchased by Xerox.

3. HP signs DANKA as a national re-seller.

- Konica Minolta buys DANKA. can't make this stuff up...

And for a TimeLine on DANKA, check this.

And a very good article by Chris Hundley of the St. Petersburg Times about the difference in companies, and the subsequent acquisition of both check this out.

How this will effect the Edgeline one can only guess.

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