Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KonicaDankaIkonHP - Fallout?

IKON - the only large, nation wide, independent distributor of printers, copiers and MFPs in the U.S.

From one of the most respected industry analysts in the world, "...This deal, which comes just one year after Xerox's $1.5 billion dollar acquisition of Global Imaging Systems, will have significant ramifications throughout the U.S. enterprise print market.

HP is not likely to stop distributing its products through Danka (although its long-awaited Edgeline products could be affected; HP is reliant on Danka with these products, which have a high-touch sales model).

But Canon USA can be expected to stop selling products through Danka. Though Danka accounts for 5% of Canon USA's revenue, such a move would be consistent with Canon's stance when Xerox purchased Global..."

The report goes on to recommend to existing Danka customers, "...You must soon choose to:1) stay with Danka and switch to Konica equipment, or 2) keep your equipment and switch your service and supplies to someone else (Canon direct sales or dealers or IKON)..."


  1. I think you are right on target. The next question we all need to ask is... when will Canon acquire IKON? Canon WILL protect their distribution channel, so it's only a matter of time.

  2. Wow.

    Canon buying/merging with IKON...imagine...CBS would be EVERYWHERE and RICOH would lose big. Canon would then be able to compete directly with Xerox AND Konica Minolta in all markets and simultaneously remove RICOH's largest channel.

    Canon would pick up an excellent EDM provider with a pretty big knowledge base.

    Ok, imagine further - Canon buys IKON and sells IKON's European assets to RICOH.(RICOH recently acquired DANKA in Europe)


  3. Rumor is the Canon buy-out of IKON is a done deal