Thursday, June 5, 2008

Inaugural issue of MPS Insights Hits The Streets

Best Practices, Print Audit, MPS Metrics and much much more... I have just received and am in the process of reading and digesting the first issue of MPS Insights from the PHOTIZO Group.

Ed Crowley, CEO Photizo Group -"...we believe MPS is finally coming of age! After almost 8 years of vendors touting the benefits of MPS, we are now actually seeing implementations that are working..."

This mirrors what Joshi said last year in Phoenix, " now sexy!"

Also, Ken Stewart - Kearns Business Solutions, Director of Technology, on MPS as an opportunity that may pass you by, "... We have come to the conclusion that taking care of the customers is the way to do business;it is not an opportunity to go out there and rob your customers blind..." Sell with High Intent.

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Share with you friends, share with your family over the dinner table - er...ok, maybe not over the dinner table.

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