Friday, June 6, 2008

Konica over Océ, could this be the next big acquisition?

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Financial) - Oce N.V. shares rose in late morning trade amid speculation Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. is interested in building up a stake in the company, if their recent technology partnership bears fruit. Article here.

At 11.37 a.m., Oce was up 2.43 percent to 9.28 while the AEX was trading 1.41 percent lower to 478.69.

Abn Amro Wim Gille said that if Konica buys a stake in Oce, the move will trigger further speculation of a full take over of the Dutch company.

he analyst said a combination between the two is 'very logical' and would be able to challenge Xerox head on in all of its markets.

I am not sure how the Dutch government plays into all this but it doesn't sound like the government will be an impedement to some sort of deal.

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