Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Is Going On Over At HP?

First saw this on Jim Lyon's blog.

Stirrings at HP IPG -

Started here.

Looks like simple consolidation of some redundant areas - but HP did use the words "significant" and "cost cutting measures".

From the IdahoStatesman -

Spokesman Ryan Donovan said the restructuring will “impact” Boise, but would not say whether layoffs are in the offing. He said the reorganization will take effect Aug. 1...

The Imaging and Printing Group has traditionally been HP’s most profitable, largely because all of the money that the division makes from selling printer ink.

In the first six months of HP’s current fiscal year, the division earned $2.38 billion on revenue of $14.9 billion. But the operating profit improved only 6 percent compared to last year, a pace lagging other HP divisions Hurd has already reorganized.

Donovan said the restructuring will move HP from strictly a printer company to global provider of hardware, software and printer services.

The three new business units will:

• Specialize in offering Ink jet hardware, supplies and services to individual consumer and small businesses.

• Offer printers, supplies, management software and counseling services to large corporate customers.

• Provide large graphic printing products, supplies and services for everything from architectural blueprints to outdoor signs."

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