Thursday, July 24, 2008

Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales By Selling Copiers?

I found this article somewhat interesting. From the article:

"...The technology market including copiers is a very different type of sales environment compared to pharmaceutical sales. Since customers can often be one time purchasers only, sales people in technology tend to use a more aggressive form of sales in order to secure the orders..."

-- Technology sales people are more aggressive.

Ok, well, it seems that most everyone outside of the industry has got all us sales people inside the industry all figured out.

I haven't looked at a possible client as a "one time" purchaser in nearly 10 years.

More --

"...An overly aggressive drug representative can easily turn off physicians and even lose the opportunity to future appointments. I’ve actually seen this happen to some drug reps out in the field as doctors have candidly told me that they refuse to see certain reps because of their aggressiveness. Therefore, some pharmaceutical companies will not hire former sales people who were in more aggressive selling environments unless they can prove that they can tone their styles down to adapt to the pharmaceutical medical scene..."

-- Tone THIS down, I got you're

"... whether one should try to get some experience selling copiers in order to break into pharmaceutical sales. The answer is all previous sales experience dealing with real customers is an asset whether it is dealing with copiers, rental cars, medical equipment or even retail sales. The key is being able to use these selling skills and adapt one’s style to fit in well with the pharmaceutical sales environment. In many ways, selling technology equipment can be a more challenging form of selling because in many cases, one doesn’t get the benefit of foll
ow up appointments with customers..."

-- I think this guy just "dis'd" me...didn"t he?

Well I remember a few years back when a Pharm recruited all the USC cheerleaders for
sales positions. It is a brilliant idea and one I would participate in, especially the interviews - but I digress.

Check this funny blog post about Pharm-Rep watching.

But how can anyone from an industry like that make judgments like this?

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  1. You're a funny guy; I just stumbled onto your BLOG and a lot of it makes sense despite the fact that you're an HP guy. I own a Xerox sales agency and your gauge on pharma reps is bang-on. Boobs and a great body is what they recruit in an industry that doesn't actually do anything.

  2. LOL!

    I love the " an industry that doesn't actually do anything..."

    And it's strange, but out of all the companies I have worked with, I have never worked with Xerox.

    I mean, I have Oce, Panasonic, Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, HP, and probably a few I have forgotten, but I have never sold a Xerox...

    I have always been on the "other" side...

    Oh well.

    This HP thing seems to be a good fit for me now, and the MPS aspect is truly exciting.

    Glad you enjoy and please keep
    reading and comment whenever...