Sunday, July 20, 2008

Edgeline - "Just an InkJet"

Just an Inkjet printer? Well,'s like comparing the Kon Tiki with the Space Shuttle.

I have heard this from a few prospective Edgeline clients recently.

- And I have to ask myself, how did this come to be?

- How did this statement of fact come to be an objection in the selling process?

- How can Edgeline Technology, ink based, first be compared to and then relegated down to the level of a "DeskJet 500"?

In a phrase, "My Competition and the Ignorance of my Prospect."

The ignorance issue, I can deal with. Ignorance can be cured, stupidity can not. And in this case, if Ignorance is the disease, I am the Cure.

More importantly, what lies beneath this "objection" is the fact that competitors to Edgeline may be paying attention and developing strategies against it.

I can not tell if this is an organic occurrence or if some "xerograhic" people are distributing "talking notes" - to be honest, I can not imagine anyone (Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, K/M) worrying too much about their eroding market share relative to Edgeline.

Edgeline just isn't there yet. Well, the Edgeline technology is but all the necessary "accouterments" around the technology (channel, brand recognition, business philosophy, etc.) from HP are not in place just yet.

Edgeline has only been on the streets for about a year now - and there is a long row to hoe on the way to moving 3400 units a year.

It will get there - and in five years, we may be all all lauding how impossible it must have been to use machines that only produced color at 60 page per minute.

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