Friday, July 25, 2008

It's not Easy Being Green - "Don't Take My DeskJet"

You really can not make this up...I have been performing a few assessments lately, and the cultural impact is most observed when we try to remove the desktop units...

You gotta go here at ComputerWorld "Shark Bait" and check it out.


  1. Greg, I tell you from personal experience that we don't even try... We preach the talk track of efficiency, so the user doesn't make the choice between a lower cost mfp down the hall... they have both at their disposal.

    Now, the new green initiatives will be interesting to see how this plays, b/c some of our enterprise customers are looking at power consumption as a grading criteria now too.

  2. Absolutely - clients are looking at power consumption but not for any "green" initiative, but to save money.

    The kilowatt/hour out here is huge and any reduction lowers overhead costs significantly.