Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Beware of DLL, a business nightmare..."

Bad Leasing Story part Trios...or is it quatre It's gotta be bad if the very first line in the article is, "The following is a fictitious account of a business nightmare."

And it must be true if the names HAVE NOT BEEN changed, to protect the innocent.

This article from a paper in Philly, written by
John F. McKenna an attorney with MacElree Harvey of West Chester, goes on to describe a bad experience with DLL.

"About DLL

Based in the Netherlands, DLL is a global provider of leasing, business and consumer finance solutions. They are listed as a Michigan corporation with United States headquarters in Wayne.

DLL never guarantees the performance of the equipment; it merely provides the financing. You are responsible for the payments regardless of the performance of the equipment, even if it never works."

I have a copy of their contract, and it is "standard" but is very one sided - as the article states :

"The standard contract states that you cannot have a jury trial. You further agree, that in the event of default, DLL can declare the entire balance of the unpaid lease payments for the full term immediately due and payable."

"payments for the full term immediately due and payable" - you gotta love that too.

His last two sentences sum up nicely,

Sometimes you just have to take a risk when you lease equipment. Clarifying upfront what your duties and obligations are is always a good course of action."

I notice in the comments this guy takes some pretty good hits, but the overall information is valid.

Leasing is tough all over.

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  1. C'mon Greg,

    You know that if your customer doesn't involve counsel that you can often bully a leasing Company. They want to get paid and to sned an attorney after you is often not cost effective. A fraud complaint founded or not can often be effective. These bastards tried to bully a customer of mine who was and old time print for pay guy who had been around for a while. He called them and told him he had provided timely notification and that after that date until he received a Return Authorization for dll he would bill dlL $100 dollars per day for storage or THEIR equipment. dlL huffed & puffed, and when he told them he was moving the equipment to an unheated/cooled portion of his warehouse they had to issue the RA as he had not relocated the equipment to another address (in violation of the lease). They kept threatening to sue and he kept saying "OK" they slinked off back under their rock.

    Bottom line read, understand and HOLD them to their contract. Also beofre you sign you can make all kinds of demands on the copier rep. NEVER do anything verbally. You CAN win you just have to be strong and not easily intimidated.

  2. Piney - This post is a year old

    but -

    this post is the second most popular on my blog getting many views DAILY.

    Unfortunately, I have clients who have DLL; I have seen the carnage with my own eyes.

    Yes, a client can "bully" a leasing company but is that really the business a client should be in?

    Mine make stuff and service people - typically, they don't want to hassle with crooks.

    Sad but true, some should have examined the lease much closer.

  3. Of course it's not their job. However if you "guide" them on their odessy from hell you can build your reputation as a real consultant and that IMO is the value folks like you provide

  4. The problem is no different for UK copier companies. Service agreements that most would consider unfair, termination charges/penalties that are clearly punitive but untouchable from a legal perspective, annual price increases on photocopier, toner and service.

    I was on the wrong end of a damages claim and my blog is attempting to right wrongs in the UK. If i can help your UK readers don't hesitate to get in touch: