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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kearns Business Solutions Achieves a Monthly ROI of $8000 with Print Audit's Facilities Manager

Every single day, somebody can save thousands...

"Facilities Manager continually came out ahead with a lower overall cost of operation than a self-hosted solution," said Ken Stewart, the Director of Technology at Kearns. "Facilities Manager's hosted architecture is working extremely well for us."

Kearns' overall experiences with the Facilities Manager software have been released by Print Audit in a two-page case study, available for download from their site.

Before using Facilities Manager, Kearns was spending an excessive amount of time and resources on collecting meter reads and using out-of-date methods such as phone calls and faxed meter requests. All in all, the company wasn't accounting for approximately 10% of meter traffic due to inefficient processes and dated technology.

After working with Print Audit, the case study shows that Facilities Manager has reduced personnel time for meter collection by over 2500 hours per year and now yields an $8,000 return on investment. Kearns also rediscovered 200 printers previously thought to be decommissioned.

See the complete release.


  1. Greg, I was very skeptical of these numbers when I first started doing the math, and after looking at it and going over it with my billing people, it began to amaze me.

    Now to be fair, FM was not the only reason for this. You know, as well as I, that it takes smart decisions with personnel processes combined with powerful software like FM.

    However, I am very excited that this is only part 1 of phase 1 for our overall strategy... I expect many more things to come...

  2. I must tell you - I have forwarded this information over to our "Infrastructure Team" because I read your post.

    We are currently implementing E*Automate - for an IT based company, most of my peers see what we are doing and their jaws drop.

    But, more interestingly - I have been thinking about how all this will effect the Client.

    Most positively, I am sure.

    Would love to hear more as you progress...


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