Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are Customers Smarter Now?

Everyone says, "...because of the internet, your clients are smarter now more than ever..."

I wonder. Really?

I my opinion, there was a time when the internet held all sorts of "information" - but today, there is so much, that it is all just "data". Perhaps a subtle difference, perhaps not.

Think about it in the world of copiers. Just because a prospect can search the 'net and retrieve hundreds of brochures, user reviews and even pricing does this make him/her smarter?

Informed, agreed.

Can access to all the facts in the known world make your prospect "smarter" than you? The down and dirty answer is "yes" if you are a copier person. (If you are reading this, you are in the 2%)

But if you client has access to all the data in the known world, SO DO YOU.

Just because I can search out and find information on how to build a Space Shuttle, does not mean I know how to fly it...and just because your prospect can find out exactly how xerography, or Edgeline or copier leases work sure as heck does not mean they now know how to navigate the sea of confusion.

They need someone to help, to advise, to partner with.

That someone could be you.

Not all that easy if you think about it, eh?

Lots of pressure, eh? Pressure? Yes.

If you go into a relationship knowing you can help and intending to help, you put it all on the line. So you better do your homework, and you better know more then your client.

Sales - who woulda thunk it could be this difficult.

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  1. nice piece, I have had these customers who thought they were smarter. One even got GSA/FSS pricing on the internet and wanted to know why he couldn't get that price for a particular unit, the guy actually fought with me. Go figure