Monday, December 15, 2008

The 10 most influential leaders in business technology in 2008

Last year he was "left off the list"...oh what a difference a year makes!

Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief over at TechRepublic, in his blog listed his Top 10 Leaders - it's an interesting read.

Number one with a "bullet" -

"1. Mark Hurd, Hewlett-Packard

Last year, I left Mark Hurd off the list and even remarked that Carly Fiorina deserved a lot of the credit for Hewlett-Packard’s resurgence because its roots are based in the HP-Compaq merger, which Fiorina had the guts to do. But, it becomes clearer every year that Hurd is making the right calls and motivating the various HP divisions to execute. HP is back on top in the PC market (having overtaken Dell), it is tied for the lead in servers with IBM, and it is even making strong moves in the networking market with its ProCurve gear. Plus, it bought EDS in 2008 to expand its footprint in IT services. All of the while, it has allowed its incumbent printer business to quietly take a back seat. That’s why HP is doing so well, even in the face of economic headwinds, and that’s why Hurd deserves the top spot on this list."

And I found this post over at MediaWireWeekly from February, 2007 - "...He barely makes appearances, not to make a statement, but because he is actually huddled with his management team working..."

Not bad, I doubt Hurd even cares which is cool too.


  1. I saw this come across the wire and took a peek at it. It was good, and I was going to do a blog on it, however I opted for the 12 days of Christmas "What My Copier Company Gave to Me".


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