Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Equitrac Professional Print Management and Cost Recovery Solution

"Today's Equitrac solutions are secure enterprise level management tools that are increasing productivity and reducing print waste in support of dual initiatives to maintain the bottom-line and be environmentally friendly," said Michael Rich, CEO of Equitrac Corporation. "In a challenging economy, these initiatives rise in importance. Equitrac remains committed to working with its partners and customers to leverage our experience and technology innovation to deliver solutions that streamline and centralize print and cost management throughout the networked print environment."

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Some of the highlights, Equitrac Professional 5.2.3 :

Increased productivity

-- WAN Optimization - For multi-office, distributed deployments of Equitrac Professional, this feature improves print workflows by allowing IT to configure caching options and the use of locally configured servers.

-- Pop-up tracking of print processes - A new status tool will help administrators evaluate the status of print requests direct from the desktop. The pop-up gives a complete view of all steps and decision points in the print job progression.

-- Microsoft Active Directory Synchronization - New attributes are available for synchronization with MS Active Directory, such as phone extensions, locations and user class association.

Enterprise-class document scanning and output:

-- A default network addressable "Home" folder has been added to this latest version of Equitrac Professional to support efficient and quick scanning. Home folder association can be controlled via the System Management console, file import and Microsoft Active Directory synchronization.

-- Scanned document output type conversion - Equitrac Document Capture can now be configured to offer document output type conversion to end users. Whether an MFP scans as PDF or TIFF files, this latest version of Equitrac Professional can convert the final output to PDF, Multi-Page TIFF, Single-Page TIFFs, JPEG, or PNG file formats.

-- Improved scan workflows - Site administrators can now predefine scan workflows as scan aliases for efficient selection at TouchPoint Consoles. These aliases can be customized to specific business requirements and are also customizable to individual user classes.

Expanded Partner Support

-- Canon - Equitrac Professional 5.2.3 adds extended copy attribute support for older version Canon printers. This support will allow customers to implement print and cost recovery management solutions across a printer network that includes both older Canon MFPs that don't currently support extended copy attributes through the copy cable, and newer model Canon MFPs. This new feature enhances productivity and more effective cost management by enabling tracking that discerns black/white vs. color print jobs and includes device log readings and synchronization of the data with TouchPoint sessions.

-- Equitrac Embedded for eCopy - eCopy Scan Station client support has been enhanced to include full authentication and roaming user profiles, favorites and history. In addition, Equitrac Professional version 5.2.3 adds support for the recently released eCopy Cost Recovery Protocol version 3 that features Single Sign On (SSO). This feature is available for Equitrac Embedded for eCopy and TouchPoint Consoles.

-- EFI SendMe and IKON DocSend - This embedded option allows for EFI SendMe and IKON DocSend users to log-in, allocate billing information and conduct a scan right at the EFI or IKON device.

SOURCE: Equitrac

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