Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fires, Landslides, Floods, Blizzards, Earthquakes and VAR's

So Cali is crazy nuts when it comes to "uncontrollable and unforeseeable acts of nature"

An article over at ChannelWeb reports on how one of our local VAR's is responding to the latest fires here.

His house was on the news, because his neighbor used a pump to pull water out of his pool, and save houses around his.

That was just a few weeks ago - today, 26 inches of snow.

I needed to be at a "mandatory" bid-meeting at 9:00 AM. The mountains had the biggest snow fall since 1997 over the past two days. I woke to a buried Land Rover and no electricity, at 5,000 feet above and 45 minutes away from the meeting.

Leaving a voice mail apparently shed an extra 90 minutes grace in my direction - I began to dig the Rover out.

With a great deal of help from two of my colleagues, one racing in from Orange County one "stalling" the sign-in, I ended up getting to the meeting although my co-worker signed in for us.(to be known from this day forward as "Speed")

Over 70 people at this bid-meeting - I am contemplating a detailed article on the "benefits" of working with county/government purchasing types - let's just say, you never get to work "with" them, only "for" them...

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