Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sanyo and Panasonic -

Panasonic gets the "ok" to take Sanyo.

The impact of this merger does not carry the same significance as the RiKon deal, but still worth a mention- it's a nine billion dollar deal.

The takeover also alludes a more financial and timing decision between
cash rich Panasonic and the primary Sanyo stake-holders - financial houses, Goldman Sachs Group, Sanyo Electric, Daiwa Securities SMBC and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking.

"This shows that Goldman is in need of cash and wants to recoup its investment quickly," said Shigeo Kikuchi, an analyst at Takagi Securities in Tokyo, to Bloomberg News. "This is a symbolic event in this recession. Whoever has cash is strong."

Good article here, by Chad Berndtson, ChannelWeb.

With the assimilation of Sanyo, Panasonic bolsters it's consumer electronic presence - could this have an effect on Panasonic's copier and printer business? A "spin-off" perhaps?

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