Sunday, February 1, 2009

Consolidation - Off go the Mega Dealers...

At the 2009 Lyra Symposium, one of the more prevalent discussion, both on and off stage was consolidation - the more exciting consolidation topics were the possibilities between the manufacturers.

Of course the topic turned to the few remaining independents and the "Mega Independent" dealers.

This week, Xerox, through GIS, acquired one of those Mega dealers - ComDoc. ComDoc, according to their site, was the largest independent Ricoh dealership in the U.S.

ComDoc Chief Executive Officer Riley Lochridge said,

''An offer was made that we think was good for our employees and our shareholders, ... and it will be good for our customers,''

And in a '''rapidly consolidating marketplace,'' he said, joining forces will make the company even stronger and more competitive.

ComDoc employs 600 and had sales of $125 million last year; the employees own the company, so they will share in the proceeds of the sale. ComDoc reportedly services 14,000 customers.

Xerox spokesman Carl Langsenkamp said, ''We try to find dealers that are well-known and have a good customer base,'' he said. ''ComDoc had good, key cities ... and GIS didn't have any operations in Ohio, so this opened up that opportunity.''

This acquisition, will give GIS a presence in 29 states.

All reports are that no major changes in operations will result although a strategic plan to convert clients to Xerox is obvious.

Since the being purchased by Xerox, GIS as made 6 other acquisitions.

It appears that Xerox is utilizing GIS's expertise in dealer assimilation to grow the channel even more.

List of GIS acquisitions(partial) since Xerox purchase, May, 2007:

Imagine Technology Group
Copy Products, Inc.
Alternative Office Systems
Sierra Office Solutions
Saxon Business Systems
Blackstone Valley Office Systems
American Business Machines, Inc.
Better Quality Business Systems
Marbaugh Reprographics Supply Co.
Inland Business Machines, Inc

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