Thursday, February 5, 2009

Print4Pay Hotel: What is "Print Management"

Art has a great article by Trevor Hoffer from PrintAudit offering up another definition of Managed Print Services.

Print4Pay Hotel: What is "Print Management"

Of course, this gets my wheels spinning as well.

I like to define a Managed Print Services Engagement as,

"...any program, provided to a client, by a Partner, that allows the client to easily track and reduce costs associated with printing, can be considered a Managed Print Service..."

The definition is broad. It is supposed to be broad.

Within a MPS offering are a score of different processes, tools and knowledge bases - all or partially applied to a client in order to help save them money.

That's all.

So in a broad sense, a copier, CPC service agreement (coupled with a lease agreement) can be considered a MPS - I would argue this should be considered an Entry Level MPS Engagement but an engagement non the less.

Check it.

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