Monday, March 23, 2009

Dell Managed Print Services Pilot Programs: BMC, PEQ, Digital Controls

Dell has been piloting a multi-vendor, supplies, service and remote monitoring Managed Print Services program.

They currently have three IT integrators; BMC Solutions in Kennesaw, GA, PEQ, Inc. and Digital Controls both in Miamisburg, Ohio fully boarded MPS.

It is important to point out that neither of these are traditional "copier" dealers. They are IT Consultants/Managed Service Providers.

This time last year, March Wyatt, Dell Channel Printer Account Exec, was charged with helping Dell "grow the printer business". Last Wednesday, the 18th, during the MSPmentor Live: Hot Seat webcast, she revealed that Dell has been piloting a Managed Print Services solution for some time, but the program roll out date is yet to be determined.

What is more interesting to me was that accompanying March was Peter Klanian, Senior Manager Channels Sales, to discuss Dell's recently acquired MSP Platform, SilverBack. (see, MSPs Worry As Dell Enters Market With SilverBack Deal)

I see this as yet another example of how IT will incorporate MPS within their realm - choosing to "in-source" MPS utilizing legacy remote monitoring and management platforms just like SilverBack.

Details are sketchy, but from the webinar, it sounds like the Dell MPS program will be multi-vendor supporting, allow the Dell partner "exclusivity" on "registered" opportunities and include supplies and service.

I also heard the phrase "Life Cycle Management" - an IT derived expression typically refferring to managing the sale of newer equipment(servers, PC's, laptops, etc.) - we call it "churn". And so it seems that the printers/output devices may fall into the IT purchase cycle, under MPS.

The standard take-aways were present; the authorized VAR will have complete account control, the program will provide assessment and monitoring tools, current application can recognize approximately 2,000 machines.

Granted, this was a brief introduction and very short on MPS details.

Joe asked a very good question at the close, "...what do you think the inhibators for MPS have been?"

March responded, "there seemed to have been more of a focus on aquisition costs versus the total cost of print...not looking at the whole cost..."

Peter answered, "if printing is a core part of what they do, we see success..."

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