Thursday, March 12, 2009

DocuAudit and FMAudit Partner to Offer Integrated Managed Print Solution:It is Heating Up, Isn't It?

“We are excited about the software developmentopportunities in this agreement with FMAudit and the expansion of our global partnership,” states Jim Salzer, President of DocuAudit International. “The combined offering will provide the industry with a simple, cost effective, and manufacturer independent solution for automating managed print tasks.”

Off the site:

The combined offering will incorporate DocuAudit’s 2009 proposal generation and assessment reporting software with FMAudit’s WebAudit assessment tools and FMAudit Central remote monitoring software. As part of this agreement, the software integration between DocuAudit and FMAudit will be expanded to include such features as automatic capture and calculation of TCO based on the device’s actual toner fill rates.

With the integration, print management resellers will not have to go back and forth between assessment software and meter collection applications. This will streamline the sales process, allowing resellers to focus on creating profitable transactions.

DocuAudit and FMAudit have also integrated their device databases with 12,000 models and growing by the day. The combined databases will give the dealer access to hundreds of fields of data that includes device attributes that range from product images, consumable yields and costs, to duty cycles.

Kevin Tetu, President of FMAudit is excited about the integration.

“Most comprehensive MPS offerings today are very expensive and in the industry's excitement, we rushed forward and built solutions that were too complex with too many pieces. FMAudit and DocuAudit took a step back and focused on the key successful elements. As a result, our offering makes it much simpler and cheaper to get started with profitable managed print contracts.”

With all this focus on the collection and assessment "tools" rolled in with the automatic proposal generation, is it any wonder we are looking at the commodization of MPS?

Soon, there won't be any need for Professionals.

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