Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Managed Print Services Jobs: Requests Going Through the Roof?

Wow! Check out this graph. It reflects the number of job openings with "managed print services" in the description.


  1. Does this indicate something different from the first time you posted this data?

  2. Max - yes.

    The graphs on this site may have been updated for a while, but the last date I had remembered as being current was back in July - until just a few days ago I noticed the data had been updated to January.

    Additionally, unrelated to the graph, over the past 60 days, I have been approached by no less than 6 employers, seeking "MPS Specialists". Primarily because of the LinkedIn posts.

    Also, after attending the ITEX show, MPS is the new Black. Everybody is doing it, there are scores of "experts that have been doing MPS for 8-12 years"(oh really?) and dealers are looking to hire MPS people more than ever.