Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"PC LOAD LETTER! What the *@#!% does that Mean?"

So now I "Tweet" - and now I get to experience "Spam" at a whole other level - Tweet Spam.

But I guess it isn't spam if it comes from someone I choose to follow - arg.

This was just sent to me - we all know the "Green" spin associated with the Phaser's from Xerox - you remember, the Crayola-Printers. (J/K, lighten up).

The Phaser's Green argument involves less packaging, low waste for toner like empty cartridges, ease of use, etc. But nobody ever talks about the energy consumption at start up, the waste of wax at start up, etc.

I have seen the output, it is very, very nice - enjoy this little marketing presentation:

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  1. Regarding the "greenness" of thermal wax printing, one thing to consider is the amount of energy that goes into making standard toner. The wax process uses considerably less energy than either standard Lex toner or EA toner.

    When we talk about "green" products we need to make sure that we look at total lifecycle cost of all the parts of the manufacturing and distribution cycle.

  2. Anon,

    You are absolutely correct.

    Remember the Dell "Green" flap?

    And HP tracks carbon usage all the way back through the supply chain.

    I have been researching Soy based toner and there is a great deal of energy that goes into manufacturing toner.

    Good comment.

    Keep coming back.