Thursday, May 21, 2009

First San Antonio, now Amsterdam: Photizo Group Managed Print Services 2009: World Domination

At the MPS Conference in San Antonio, one of the discussion topics around the dinner table with Photizo, was where to host the European MPS Conference.

Barcelona, and Dusseldorf were mentioned and I believe Amsterdam was a late entry. I would love to have been in on that meeting.

After a very successful MPS Conference in Austin, Ed and the gang are heading of to the old world.

This should be interesting as Europe appears to be a decade ahead of the US when it comes to MPS.

Check out the site, here.


  1. You mentioned that Europe is about a decade ahead of the US in MPS. Do you mean that in respect to how many businesses offer an MPS program or the quality of the MPS programs in the US? I work for Expert Laser Services in Southbridge MA and we have been doing MPS for more than 19 years now. I don't know about some of these cookie cutter MPS services that are popping up as of late but I know that very few MPS companies have the expertise and years of experience that we do. With that being said I would advise those who are looking for a good MPS program to be weary of copier companies or vendors who have done nothing more in developing their MPS programs other than putting up a sign and telling people they are "experts" in the industry.

  2. Nathan,

    Thanks for commenting, I have been to your blog and recognized your company early on (over a year ago) as a MPS player.

    Agreed - there are a great deal of "new comers" to the field and I am sure they will fade...

    I think the closer a MPS provider can get to being hardware "agnostic" the better the chances to thrive - most manufactures now are claiming MPS status because they now supply third party toner for HPs and Lexmark.

    Viola! MPS Programs for all!

    Interesting fact, I never wanted to become, and I certainly to not claim to be an "expert" - on anything.

    I just know I know from years working in the field. And for me, once I get out of the field/trenches, I will end up knowing a lot less than those still in it.

    Keep reading!