Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photizo Group Announces MPS Program Benchmarking Study Objective evaluation designed to help dealers find best program partners

Lexington, KY – May 13, 2009 – The Photizo Group today announced the MPS Program Benchmarking Study™ to provide dealers with objective assessments of competing managed print programs offered by vendors and infrastructure providers. This helps dealers make good business choices and promotes profitable, long-term MPS relationships.

The Photizo Group specializes in analysis of the printing and imaging industry and is the market’s main source for ongoing business intelligence about the burgeoning Managed Print Services opportunity.

The Photizo Group is the thought leader for Managed Print Services, providing insight to the manufacturer, dealer / reseller, infrastructure provider, and end user communities.

“Dealers are often at the forefront of MPS engagements and relationships, and they are confronted with an increasing number and variety of program offerings. While there are a number of excellent MPS programs available from vendors, the dealer community has no clear guidance on which programs are right for them based on their specific needs. Different dealers require different programs, but until now, there have been no credible third party assessments of various approaches relative to MPS requirements. This new study provides neutral guidance to help dealers identify vendors best suited to meet the needs of their organization, based upon their stage of MPS adoption,” said Ed Crowley, Founder and Senior Partner of the Photizo Group.

The MPS Program Benchmarking Study begins with the “ideal” deliverables needed for a particular dealer given their stage of MPS adoption, and then maps vendor programs against this standard. The dealer’s stage of MPS adoption is evaluated based upon the proprietary “Hybrid Dealer Adoption Model” developed by the Photizo Group. The evaluation establishes a baseline by matching the dealer’s stage of MPS adoption against the MPS capabilities that are required based on the typical expected customer engagements. The customer needs criteria are based on the lifecycle of the MPS engagement, according to the popular MPS Adoption Cycle developed by the Photizo Group.

Program evaluation criteria include items such as infrastructure assessments, hardware break / fix service, remote device monitoring, and integrating device monitoring into a billing system. The evaluations for each item are positioned on a sliding-scale analysis.

Then the study objectively analyzes program features and execution to determine how well a vendor’s program components as well as support activities addresses each stage. By compiling the individual factors, the study evaluates and scores each overall program relevant to the vendor’s ability to deliver the capabilities needed for that engagement.

According to Mr. Crowley, “We are providing MPS vendors with an opportunity to sponsor the study. While we require final say on all criteria and analysis, we do encourage input into the definition of the criteria for the study. We have been pleasantly surprised by the response to the study, and in fact, we have already surpassed our initial sponsorship targets. Once again, I believe we have identified a key need in the industry and stepped up with a unique solution.”

Other sponsor benefits include:

· The complete report (150-200 pages) detailing results for all vendors

· Nominating customers for validation

· Special pricing for reprints

The report will be available for purchase by dealers in late July. For more information about the upcoming MPS Program Benchmarking Study and sponsorships, contact Photizo at (859) 873-4518 or

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