Monday, May 4, 2009

Synergy, Down Under: HP Edgeline's and Pull Printing Save Money, Energy and Paper

Less energy, no toner. CM8060's and CM4730's - not bad.

Synergy out of Australia.

Synergy building services manager Wayne Perry says, the company had about 80 printers in use.

Most were laser printers, which were turned on all the time to keep the toner cartridges warm and usable. After researching and testing a range of options, they decided to adopt a new fleet of multifunction devices from HP.

"One multifunction printer uses less energy than five laser printers," Perry says. This made them a logical choice.

The company has also opted to introduce a "pull-printing" environment to reduce print wastage. "When I print now, I issue the print command, that goes to the print queue and is held on a central server that all the printers access," Perry says.

"To actually print the documents requested, Synergy employees walk to a printer and swipe their building access card in order to execute the printing. "This has really cut down on paper usage."

Full article, here.

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