Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's Talk About TWITTER - Managed Print Services and Copiers

June, 2009

I have no idea how it all started.

I suspect it was Jim Lyons and his insidious first "Tweet" list on his blog that did it.

I immediately downloaded the software and started listening/reading to thousands tell me what they had for breakfast - all over the world.

Now I ain't the smartest bulb in the shed, but I soon recognized how I could generate some traffic to some older posts of mine by Tweeting.

That was the just the beginning. Oh what a difference a few months make.

I admit, I really had no idea what in the world of Twitter was all about, and I still try to get my head around it - in a nutshell, it's like everything else today - a new way to self-promote and send communiques into the 'verse, like messages in a bottle.

But - and there is always a but - this time, it's different. One can filter out the noise and most importantly, one's self promotion must be carried on 140 characters or less.

This is the challenge.

Putting your deepest and most profound thoughts and ideas in 140 characters or less demands RELEVANCE, actual thought - hence the fact that so many tell the world what was for lunch or how hungover they are.

"Copiers" -

With one of the many Twitter "add-ons", this one called TweetDeck, I can see all Tweets that contain the word "copier". I didn't expect much.

The Tweets that filter through can be hilarious commentary on the world of business from the trenches, I mean, can there be anymore of a "trench" than standing next to or in front of a copier?

There are Tweets from end users, copier sales people, owners trying to sell their copiers or get out of their copier lease. But mostly, and this is the funny thing, most end users are complaining about the copier, the copier salesperson, copier training, and the copier service technician - you quickly realize that 140 characters is often more than enough room to get their point across.

"...How do I break the copier EVERY TIME I use it? I can write HTML code but can't work an all-in-one copy/fax machine. Wonderful..."

"...Muzzles should be a legit work expense. Manic women beseeching Jesus in front of the copier do not a healthy work environment make..."

"...RT @joshuaokc: I walked into the restroom at our restaurant, and there's a waiter making copies on a copier. That's a first! #fb..."

"...small appointments and its raining....hmmm what's a copier rep t do?????"

And there are Tweets in French, complaining about the copier too.(I think)

Ok- so why should you and I even care what people are saying about their copiers and the people associated with them?

Because we impact what they do and they tell people how they feel about that impact.

I know this is high-level, holistic mumble jumble - and it's true.

Every time you or I walk in and present an approach, and talk with end users, guess soon as you leave their area, they just may be making you "famous" in Twit-ville.

Silver Lining -

Not only can you see a general and non-scientific, real time, study of copier related feelings - one can keep in touch with a close collection of MPS "team members". Your leasing rep, your distributor, and manufacturer - MPS Thought Leaders (ahem) - all Tweeting from their BBerry's.

Instant touch-

I am sure there is and will be more to it than this - for instance, tomorrow HP IPG is announcing something "big" - live Tweets will accompany the live feed - so I we will get the announcement and reaction to it, almost instantaneously, even when I will be on another MPS Odyssey...

Tweet on ...


  1. Another great article, I have been using Twitter to access the troubles people have with there copiers, As a Copier Salesman part of my job is to find prospects that have issues either with their equipment or the company they deal with, and show them how much better life can be when they buy or deal with us.

    Twitter has become a great tool to find out what people think and using their opinions about equipment and other companies help me close more deals.

    I also use twitter to allow my customers to get to know me a little better, let’s face it we like to buy things from people we know and trust. I would suggest any copier dealer using Twitter not to over do it with self promotions and just make it real. But don’t make it to real Customers don’t want to know when you are eating Pizza or when you’re going to the bathroom…

  2. Maryland Copier Company -

    Thanks for reading and keep coming back.

    YOu and I have concurrence on the Twitter issue...the importance of which is changing daily.

    And yes, the last time I Tweeted that I was in the bathroom eating pizza was, well, the last time.