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Wasteful with no Remorse.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Age Old American Tradition: Movies About Selling

You know them all by heart:

Glengarry Glen Ross - "...hold this watch..."

Boiler Room - "...done and done..."

Cadillac Man - "...I love the sale..."

Tommy Boy - "...fat guy in a little coat..."

Wall Street - "...greed is good, greed works..."

And of course, on the small screen, The Office - "...that's what she said..."

Yes I like both corny and intense selling based movies - so do you.

I think there is on the horizon, another selling movie classic.

Hell, the title sold me even before I checked out the clips - "...Live Hard, Sell Hard..."

You gotta love a trailer with "Fox on The Run" in the background.

I don't smoke, but I swear, someday a study is going to come out saying tobacco is good for you as long as your don't inhale through a filter - "...Smoke one for America..."

This is the Rated PG trailer, there is more realistic, R rated trailer on the movie's site or here. You gotta love his business card.

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