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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canon Joins the Rest of The Imaging World: Announces 12 Steps To Managed Print Services: Wait, That's not Right...

As the rest of the industry stumbles, tumbles and clamors their way towards MPS nirvana, Canon stays the course - announcing that they will introduce a new line of copiers.

In light of the recent forays into MPS by Xerox, HP and other manufacturers, Canon's relative quiet, is deafening.

What is going on?

In a statement made today, Canon announced that their first new line in nine years will consist of three series composed of 12 machines. These units will be sold under the "ImageRunner Advance" nameplate.

The machines will be geared toward 12,000 images/month. One unit, the C7065 will produce color, A4 images at 60 ppm and prices out at around $35k(retail).

These sound like great boxes - I can't wait to include them under my MPS Engagements.


  1. Love the article; being an Authorized Canon Dealer NEW MODELS are great news, But as far a MPS is concerned they may have dropped the ball. P.S I was feeding your fish and almost lost a finger Hyper-Little Devils…

  2. MCC-

    Thanks for commenting.

    Yes, the new Models look to be good news, and I am sure they will be bullet proof.

    As an Authorized Dealer, you must be getting a good deal of attention from Canon - which is good.

    As for "dropping the MPS ball" we shall see.

    I believe in being true to your core, even if it means going down with the ship.

    Canon is almost, and I hate to say it, too big to fail.(gulp)

    Good luck, keep coming back.

    oh! and the fishies?...yes, they are enticing, aren't they...

    they seem to be more popular the the articles, LOL!


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