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Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Magic Paper, Now Magic Fabric - One more nail(futuristic) in the Coffin of the Copier

One step closer to the Death of the Copier - "Magic Fabric"

The Propeller-Heads at M.I.T. are perfecting an "optical fabric" that can be used to "gather and image".

These professors have created a polymer fiber that can detect the angle, intensity, phase, and wavelength of light hitting it, information that can be used to re-create a picture of an object without a lens.

Without A Lens.

Digital or analogue. A4 or A3. Copier, Fax, MFP, MFD, Mopier, plotter, scanner, Edgeline or ColorCube - they ALL HAVE A LENS.

When we remove the lens, we kill the copy part of a copier - or do we?

Original article, MIT, here.


  1. Does anyone remember the Color "Copier" where the dye was embedded in the paper? That the technology was call cycolor and was developed by Mead corporation, equipment was made by Brother Industries Ltd. Seiko Mead, a joint venture with Japan's Seiko; and Noritsu America Corp.

    Hopefully the folks at MIT will be better as it would be hard to be worse

  2. Piney -

    I remember...

    And I use to tease about "Seiko copiers..." until nobody got the joke...



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