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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just Doing His Job When Destiny Knocked...

American Hero's are everywhere.

"I happened to have the harness on...part of a team..." - that's what he said in an interview after the rescue, when asked if he volunteered!

"I happened to have the harness on..." -Jason Oglesbee, construction dude, Des Moines.

Is that great or what?

It's an unscripted, Hollywood moment.

A guy who saved another person's life, had his chance at the "15 Minutes", who walked away and WENT BACK TO WORK.

Everyone is going to be beating down his door; from TMZ to Fox News and I bet right now there is someone in "0"'s administration trying to angle this guy onto a teleprompter - I doubt he even has TWITTER!

Out of the Box Thinking - It's No Big Deal

We on the sidelines marvel at this rescue.

The display of heroism. And yet, to the hero it was no big deal. All in a days work. They had a crane, he was already in the harness, seemed only natural, rescue a lady then go back to doing whatever it was he was doing. Gee, maybe someone will buy him a brew after work?

Also, take a look at the picture.

No hardhat - OSHA violation.

No safety chair - OSHA violation.

No seat belt, he used a piece of rope - OSHA violation.

Possible contamination from construction site to river water as his boots no doubt dipped into the river - EPA violation.

Performed "out of job description" activity - union violations.

I Wonder If His Company has Comprehensive Managed Print Services Engagement -

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