Thursday, August 20, 2009

Video In Your Newspaper. Inconcievable!! But wait..

The Death Of Print creeps ever so close - can video save print?

In next month's Entertainment Weekly, readers will see full motion video and be spoken to by stars of the upcoming Fall TV season - via a paper thin screen built into the page.

First singing greeting cards and now George Kastanza screaming, "Serenity Now! Serenity Now!"

It is finally here - the convergence of two media; video and print.

I bet my dad won't like it one bit.

When the unsespecting reader turns one of the pages in Entertainment Weekly, a commercial will run, on a small video screen, complete with motion and sound, pitching the new CBS fall TV season.

This is a first and a test of technology developed by a firm out here in L.A., AmeriChip

Imagine the possibilities.

Can't get that out of a ColorCube or Edgeline, eh?

Check this little article from July of this year;

Odds are, One Day You Will Not Get Your News/Information in Print or On Your Computer

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  1. Hmm, Harry Potters Magic Newspapers come to life. Wild.