Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vote For Me: If You Feel So Inclined - MPSA Secretary

The Managed Print Services Association is real. It must be, because it now has a charter.

Having been there at the very beginning I am honored and privileged to have been nominated for the post of Secretary.

For those who nominated me, thank you, the nomination alone is very satisfying.

To vote for me, go here.

"But Why Greg? Why would you ever want to be a Secretary in the MPSA?"

The answer is simple - I want to contribute as much as I can in creating a group unique and different within our niche. Something bold, a group that everyone would want to be a part.

Sellers, buyers, manufacturers, MSP's, MPS's, VAR's, clients, BTA, pundits, and experts.

I was asked a question on LinkedIn by Jim Fitzpatrick:

"...Greg, you are well-known throughout the industry for you “Death of the Copier Blog”, in which you identify everything within MPS Industry that doesn’t make sense.

In your possible ... new role as Secretary within the MPSA, outside of your Blog, will you help the MPSA make sense, out of everything that doesn’t make sense?

Sorry, it doesn’t hurt to ask …"

My response:

"...Yes, I will help make sense out of everything that doesn't make sense.

I will bring all I can to help and guide the MPSA through these most interesting times.

I do know MPS; I know MPS holistically and I see MPS from the clients' and the reseller perspective.

What is so very exciting about MPS right now, at this singular point in time, is it's uniqueness and ever changing form.

And I guess for me, this is a direction I was always heading; my past exploits unknowingly preparing me.

I intend to be part of building an association where it is easy to belong. A group with a simple, easy to understand purpose and common ideals.

So again, yes, I will help the MPSA in every way I can.

Not just by pointing out what does not make sense, but forwarding positive ideas and approaches..."

There you have it.

Now, anyone got a baby that needs kissin?

Would you like to know a little more? Article from March, 2009.

Managed Print Services Association: See Your Future, Be Your Future


  1. Greg,

    Considering that I was paid $500 for each of my five votes last November by A.C.O.R.N. and realizing that this is not quite as big of a job, may I ask what you would be willing to give for my vote(s)?


  2. I admire your...spirit...

    As I know you would never suggest an outright "bribe", I will of course hold for you, one of many, CZAR positions.

    Shall we say...Toner-Czar or perhaps...Fuser-Czar?

    Let's have our people talk...

  3. hmmmmmm....."toner-czar" about "assessment-czar"? yeah....I like that!!!

  4. Neal -


    I will expect your five votes, and thank you.