Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Xerox MPS PagePack 3.0 - New? Yes. Unique, No.

The difference is Xerox selling hard to a different audience, the MSP's - IT resellers - in addition to the traditional "BTA" channel.

Remember, IT owns the network, so it makes sense for IT VARs to provied MPS.

In a quick interview with Tom Gall, value channel marketing director at Xerox, he introduces X's latest iteration for MPS, PagePack 3.0.

As I listen to his responses, and after having and opportunity to speak to most other MPS programs, I find a common thread. As a matter of fact, for me, all the manufacturers MPS programs are starting to sound the same - almost to the word.

Substitute any manufacture's name, and you have 80-90% of the talk track down.

What is interesting in this case, although the message is the same, the audience is quite different - not BTA but MSP's.


  1. Greg - I don’t need to tell you that there’s a huge opportunity in SMB for MPS today. That’s why you’re hearing so much from vendors like us, hopefully we’re all not starting to sound like the teacher from the Peanuts cartoon, because there are some distinct differences in our programs. The video you posted was shot at CompTIA’s Breakaway Conference which is why I was focused on IT MSPs, but PagePack 3.0 brings some unique advantages to the BTA channel too such as a guaranteed cost per page regardless of coverage and access to proven, multi-brand fleet management tools without purchasing expensive hardware or software licenses. PagePack 3.0 also offers a complete solution which save BTAs from integrating disparate tools from several vendors. Thanks for your post. Tom

  2. Tom -

    Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you very much for commenting.

    I am a PagePack Convert, check my article dated April 5th.

    I was corned at the iTEX show by none other than Gus Yusem and shown the way.(actually I cornered him and picked his fertile mind)

    I believe the Page Pack program was the first I had seen that supplied solid CPI for dealers - because you listened to the channel.

    I was hoping that most of the DOTC readership would get something out of the fact that you were at an IT based conference talking MPS - to me that is the most significant aspect.

    But MPS is starting to settle and take form, soon, folks will need to take sides.

    Come back again!