Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Not the Content, it's the Fishies! - DOTC Name The Fish Contest(?)

It has come down to this.

So many hours spent toiling away, blood soaked digits leafing through the dictionary.

Eye-drying nights searching for that perfect "hot girl next to copier" picture.

Eternities spent scrolling through thousands of output based web sites and news stories - all in an effort to bring you, dear reader, a fresh, bold look at our world.

And what do I get for my labor of love?

More people feed the fish than read the content.

Fine - I can deal.

There are, as I am sure you know, a total of eight fishies, five red ones, floating over my mug, on the left.

After deciding not to "sell out" by advertising in that most coveted location, I put fish there. Made sense at the adult beverage enhanced time. Figuring out how to get my face in the tank was a challenge but a few more Jack and Cokes did the trick.

One red fish has been named "Elfman" compliments of Fred Jeffery from Document Technology Solutions, Inc. in Bloomington, MN - Don't-ja know,eh.

The Vision and Mission at DTS:

" To become the best Document Workflow Solutions Provider in Minnesota, one client at a time. We know from past experience that bigger is not better. Better is better. Our unique approach involves improving the business of our clients and enhancing the lives of our employees. We believe this philosophy leads to success for everyone..."

No small mission in the land of "The Body..."

Why Elfman? I have no idea - but why not!

This leaves four, red, nameless inhabitants in the digital fish bowl. I bestow the creation of their monikers to you, the faithful readers and feeders of electronic fish.

Email me with suggestions, if I like, I shall name your fishie and raise it as though it were my own. Also, I will mention you or your company and link back.

Just click on one of the "contact me" buttons over there on the left, and let's get these little red critters some identity.

Oh, for the record, I did not expect so many hits on a "hot girl fish" Google search - fishing? Really? Who woulda thunk.


  1. Why are you only naming the red ones?


    I would like to name one:


    why? cause its red like the cold tomatoe soup that shares its would be name.

  2. Nathan - noted.

    Good name.

    Thank you.

    And the other color fishies, I don't know.

    Perhaps I will adopt them out...