Thursday, October 22, 2009

MPS Conference Europe - More feed back, an Announcement from MWAintel and Have You Heard About M2M?

"Hi Greg,

MPS Europe in one day is a hands down winner for everyone in attendance!

This show has taken San Antonio to a whole new level of success!

Packed rooms, great educational tracks and people! MPS Europe is providing a MPS MBA! People from the US, EMEA and other parts of the world! Amazing accomplishment and kudo's to Ed and team!"

- Mike Stramaglio, President/CEO at MWA Intelligence

And speaking of MWAintelligence, they announced nMPS the first "MPS supply chain".

I have an idea what that means. Looks to be a turn key program, that appears to include everything a Hybrid-dealer needs to execute a MPS practice.

And by everything, I mean from DCA to Inventory Control to dispatch to remote monitoring to behavior modification...interesting.

And a new acronym, at least for me, is "M2M" communications, which of course, stands for Machine to Machine communications. Ok, fine, you can get that.

But what about "M2P" ?

Yes, yes, Machine to Person communication - duh!

I see this as sorta like how your fuel injectors talk to your gas pump(M2M) and your speedometer communicates to you(M2P).

Think I am making this up? There is even a M2M Magazine right here.

I don't have all the details, and haven't had a chance to interview MWAintelligence, but I am sure I will get the chance.

For now, here is a quick Q&A:

1. What does this mean for the industry?

For the first time the new hybrid MPS dealer can bundle MPS print assessment, job routing, automated remote service, break/fix field service, and a full array of imaging supplies. Every asset is managed real time and with actively managed accurate data and fleet management tools.

2. When will this be available?

We are officially launching this program here in Amsterdam and sales activity will begin November 2009.

3. What applications are included in nMPS

Includes management of the service personnel, print management and low cost job routing, print assessment tools, remote asset management, automated inventory management and field service break/fix capability.

4. Will this be available in Europe as well nationwide?

Yes it will be available in Europe next year

5. What are the benefits of this nMPS program?

By definition the Managed Print Services (MPS) marketplace demands a clear combination of a full suite of products and services. The benefits for the distribution and the end user client are nearly identical. Improved supply chain, actionable fleet data, asset management, etc. all directed toward customer satisfaction, ease of use, cost recovery and redeployment of dollars toward revenue and or profit.

6. What are the overall MPS customer needs?

We put the MPS customer needs into three categories. The first is control which creates visualization and lower TCO. The second is optimization by device consolidation, print page consolidation, fleet deployment, monitoring and support. The third category is enhancement providing national coverage, business process optimization, and vendor agnostic support.

7. How will this help to enhance dealers and resellers MPS offerings?

The nMPS Service program will enhance a dealer and reseller’s MPS offering over all by fulfilling all of their MPS customer needs in one program. It will offer dealers turn-key national service programs creating instant revenue opportunity and growth.

8. What is MWAi’s Intelligent Service

Intelligent Service module provides automation tools for service dispatch operations and back-office supporting roles to ensure that data flows seamlessly between your assets in the field, IT infrastructure and people. The Intelligent Service modules provides a seamless link between the service activities of your field workforce and other mission critical portions of the enterprise, connecting service management, supply chain operations, dispatchers, account management, credit and meter collections, ensuring the needed data is available where it is needed, when it is needed.

9. What is MWAi’s Intelligent Device Management?

Intelligent Device Management™ (IDM) is an enterprise-class solution for the collection of asset information and delivery to your back-office, IT systems. MWAi offers a variety of data collection clients to capture information from connected, unconnected and locally-connected imaging devices. Data is transmitted from end-user location utilizing innovative cellular, pager, wireless Mesh and network protocols.

10. Do you have to have both MWAi’s IDM and IS Solutions to take advantage of the nMPS program?

The good news is that the MWAi solution suite is a scalable enterprise solution. Which means it is most effective with all modules in place and active. However every application can be applied independently.

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