Friday, October 9, 2009

Video Of The Week: It's Only 7 minutes, 26 seconds, Let's Go to India

India and Asia seem to be a very good market for MPS in general, and Canon MPS specifically. Some say the future of MPS is in the far East, indeed I have commented about Canon in India. 

MPS aside, Indian music has exploded on the scene with Slum Dog, etc. Some of you may remember this song from the Jodi Foster movie, "Inside Man" - she looks friggin hot and plays a great part, by the way. 

But check this out. 

I doubt very much you will ever find Mariah or Witney dancing and singing on a moving train, as it snakes its way over bridges and through mountain tunnels. Notice how the two stars sing, dance and stomp on the train, and how the director uses the darkness of the train tunnel - special lighting on the female singer. 

No green screens here. 

Think of this as a 7-minute vacation - before your "forecast meeting" or Friday, end of the week rah, rah...  


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