Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your Managed Print Services Association Announces In Europe...It's a Long Way from San Antonio -

Managed Print Services Association Launches New Member Services and Community Website Hub at MPS 2009 European Conference

Free trial membership lets users try new MPSA services Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 22, 2009 –

The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) announces a new suite of member services at the MPS 2009 European Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Starting in December 2009, a free limited MPSA membership lets users try these services for several months at no cost.

Recognizing the importance of serving a global membership, the MPSA also announces it is accepting nominations for two new board member positions offered exclusively to international MPS providers. Detailed information about member services, board nominations and other topics is available at the new MPSA web site,

“The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) gets down to business at European MPS Conference, although some would say we’ve been doing that all along,” said MPSA Board President, Jim Fitzpatrick of Oki Data Americas, Inc. “Membership has grown quickly, leaping to 1,000 LinkedIn MPS group members in a very short time. Now just a few months after officially forming the association, MPSA is launching a series of tools and services for members. And these resources are only the start of what the MPSA can provide for our industry.”

“It’s only fitting that we launch these services at the fall MPS Europe conference. We started this association at the first Conference in Austin, based upon the demands of our industry. It’s been a breakneck pace, but the new board has really banded together to delivery what the MPS community is requesting,” said MPSA Secretary, Greg Walters of Death of the Copier.

New Tools and Services for MPSA Membership:

The MPSA is launching a special web portal for the MPS industry as a centralized source for not only information, but also a hub where providers can collaborate and communicate to increase their own knowledge and expertise. MPSA members can also volunteer on many of the projects underway by the MPSA to help shape the future of the industry.


· MPS Discussion Forum: Designed to help communications and collaboration for anyone doing business within the MPS Industry.

· MPS Industry Awards: Members of the MPS community can submit significant accomplishments they have made within the MPS environment. These will be profiled monthly on the site, and an annual award will be given to the most significant entries across five different categories.

· MPS Industry Events Calendar: Accessible for all areas of the MPS community to add to and document industry events.


· First MPS Business Listing: This is a first -- anyone within the MPS Industry can list products, services and offerings.

· Industry Best Practices & Standards: A primary focus for the MPSA team, this will help establish the standards and best practices that ensure success.

Vendors, dealers and enterprises can find more information about the MPSA at

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