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Friday, December 11, 2009

Chattanooga Court: Judge Implements Behavior Modification, Reduces Copier Cost by 50%

If you are pitching MPS to the Chattanooga Court, the Judges have gotten you beat.

Assessment? We don't need no stinkin Assessment!

Judge Bales said,

"Our copier was breaking down once every six weeks before we restricted it to judges and our staff.

Since then our copier has not broken down in more than a year and we have reduced our maintenance and paper cost by more than 50%..."

MPS can help you maintain HIPPA compliance:

"...We found one attorney xeroxing(ack!) 148 pages of medical reports that was not even related to any case in our court..."

Don't forget how MPS can enhance your output security:

"We were able to restructure the offices of our staff this year securing our equipment and giving them a little more privacy and security."


MPS reduces hard coffee costs and improves your ethical appearance, too:

"...Judge Moon said, "There are also major fiscal concerns as well as ethical concerns in closing access to our kitchen.

We have five judges and three staff members in our General Sessions Court. Only three of the eight drink coffee and yet we have previously had the highest coffee expense in Hamilton County for any office our size.

Our annual coffee bill was approximately $2,600 annually for only three people. After restricting our kitchen to judges and our staff and terminating a very expensive coffee service, the expenditure is now less than $500.

We have, therefore, saved taxpayers more than $2,100 annually..."

I am not making this

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