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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Printer and Copier Sales Decline in UK is "Over": Hurd's Word Tempered

Just over 1 million multifunction printers and standalone printers and copiers shipped during the 3rd quarter, in the UK.

This is down 3% from a year ago, but is not as bad as the 22% and 30% tumbles in the German and French markets, Gartner said.

Tosh Prabhakar, senior analyst at Gartner, was downbeat about short-term growth prospects.

"I cannot see things dramatically improving in the next six to nine months. The hardware is very mature and there are no compelling technologies that will drive the market forward," he said.

Remember Hurd's Words during HP's fourth-quarter financials meeting; he forecast a significant rebound in sales as companies upgraded ageing technology.

Pent up demand may lead to a call to that 800 number,(have you tried flicking it?).

Indeed, if Hurd's word is true, the inventory challenges of the LAST FOUR MONTHS, may be behind us by February, releasing the flood gates and fulfilling months of backed up orders.

Thus, resulting in an apparent, yet manipulated, rebound.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Source article here.

By the way, if you get the reference to "flicking" it, drop me a line.

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