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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self Promotion - Big DeathOfTheCopier Style...

I was asked early on by Ken Stewart, "Why do you write your blog?".

My answer was simple and honest, "Because I like to read what I write."

It was and still is the truth.

Since starting this little hobby, I have met great people, been published more than a dozen times, interviewed and quoted often, elected MPSA Secretary, queried about everything from SOW's to RFP's to MPS SLA's - indeed I seem to have a following.

Some call me an "expert" - believe me, I know the term is relative.

People say I am opinionated (DUUH), readers have challenged my views(always welcomed) and I hope I have ruffled my share of old-skool feathers.

Along this journey, I have met and commiserated with fellow bloggers - we, my group, my cadre of colleagues, have been at this "Internet thing" for just about the same amount of time. We are diverse, pertinacious and customer-centric.

Yup, even the guys who "aren't in sales".

Some readers at first, mistake this blog to be a tool to increase sales, bash Xerox, promote HP and poo poo differing views.

More typical, most get a kick out of dropping in, reading something about their industry and taking a chuckle with them. And that to me, is the best anyone can ask.

So, when recognition comes my way, I tend to tout. Why not?

There is a firm out here on the Left coast, Gap Intelligence, a marketing intelligence organization.

Jake writes their blog.

His latest entry starts with,

"...It is no secret that blogs have become a go-to source for topical news and entertainment in recent years. As both print and online media outlets struggle to monetize their products, the targeted insight provided by some blogs has changed the way that many people, including myself, find their news. Below is a review of my favorite industry blogs..."

Of course he mentions DOTC, but what's interesting to me is that 3 out of the 7 he likes, and one of the honorable mentions, are acquaintances. Some are part of my cadre.

So good company, indeed.

This is an excerpt from his post about DeathOfTheCopier,

”...opinions of writer Greg Walters can range from being a visionary to being dangerous. Regardless of the various opinions, Greg should at least be commended for finding so many pictures of women with copiers or women with fish (why fish?) to go with each and every post. He’s got to run out some day.

Plus he starts posts in ways that always crack me up. This one is classic:

A couple weeks back, while off the grid, I had an epiphany of sorts.”

You can’t make that stuff up and I am sure he was serious. I’ve never spoken to Greg, but I can’t help reading that line in a Christopher Walken voice/cadence..."
Well, Jake, my pic's HAVE indeed raised a few eyebrows. The source is limitless.

I have been compared to John the Baptist and called a Provocateur. Knowing how John found his end, I prefer the later.

The Fish Girls, some of the most popular Girls of DOTC, are window dressing for the Name the Fishie contest.

I give thought to the leads in my stories - the "epiphany" did happen, in the Sierra's, late at night, under the Milky Way, next to a fire, over a few Double Jacks, on the rocks.

Yes, there can always be more Cowbell.

And thank you, very much for mentioning this tome, this odyssey.

Also, I dedicate the above pic to you..."there's Gold in them-thar hills".

Ok, ok, you see, she's painted gold, like the Oscars and the Emmy's, get it?

Check out Jake's post here.

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