Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your Managed Print Services Association Needs You - You Need The MPSA

As a reader of DeathOfTheCopier, you are part of an elite crew.

Thank you for visiting.

You should be part of another crew, the MPSA, let me tell you why.

Odds are, you're an owner/principal of a copier dealership. Or you're a new copier rep, a MPS Practice Manager, toner supplier, IT VAR or Seasoned Old Dog, you could be with one of the "big guys" X, I/R, or HP.

Your office may be a cube in New York City, the front seat of your car on the streets of Jersey or anyplace on the globe. Indeed, from to Japan to London, Amsterdam to Australia, the DOTC Universe is both huge and connected, a small world indeed.

Either way, you are a Professional, a unique individual, making your way.

The collective mind of the MPSA board is comprised of the sharpest, MPS oriented individuals on the planet. What's more stunning is that ego's and personal agendas are left at the door.

From defining MPS to establishing M.I.B. standards, the board is not backing down from huge issues for our industry. And yet, we remember our humble beginnings – the “down the street” sale.

Your MPSA is here for you – and by “you” I do not mean the fortune 500 gorilla X or the blue behemoth that is HP. I mean you – the manager reprinting one of my articles for the sales team, or you, the squeaky clean, new rep researching MFPs on a Sunday night and you, the grizzled Copier Dude, enticed into reading by the Girls of DOTC.

By “you”, I mean us.

Companies don’t bleed, or know the meaning of “sweat equity”, individuals do. A corporation doesn’t close deals, get commissions or pay taxes, individuals do.

To the core, the MPSA board is working for you, the individual - this is why I am pitching the MPSA. It isn’t that I do not appreciate the girth, substance or influence of the global leaders – I do.

All I know is that if all us individuals shrugged at the same moment, the MPS Universe would shudder.

So, with this in mind, I urge you to go to the site and become a member.

Try it. This improves you as an individual. As every assesment and presentation enhances your resume, the MPSA can be a touchstone for you as you sail the stormy seas of Managed Print Services.

If you have any hesitations, drop me an email and query me directly.

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  1. Great post, I have been a seasoned copy manager for many years and after all the years I have been in the business I most recommend my client Sharp when it comes to MFPs.

  2. We all need to stay connected and be a part of this industry that "pays our bills" and allows us the freedom to be!

    I am sorry that I have been silent for months but I assure you that "pirate mike" has kept writing! I look forward to be a participant in all of the organizations that we hold close and "keeping the faith!"

    Greg I am glad that you have kept us in touch with what is going on and I appologize for allowing the "one world leader" from keeping me silent.

    It won't happen again!

    Pirate Mike