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Sunday, April 25, 2010

DOTC To Speak At Managed Print Services Conference: Changing Business Models, Myth vs. Reality

It will be my honor to discuss the above mentioned subject to interested parties.

Indeed, it is my honor to be presenting along side David Cameron from the Photizo Group - we are working diligently on our action-packed, thrilling based, hour of intrigue.

So, Myth vs. Reality - what say you?

There are a couple of polls out here, one over at P4P and another from Photizo, that show 50% of the folks who got into MPS are unsatisfied.

And recently, while attending a 1.5 day, MPS training seminar, I heard only 4% of today's, standard, BTA, copier dealership's revenue can be attributed to MPS engagements.

For all the flash generated by MPS, there seems to be little heat.

Well, an hour session in San Antonio won't quell the queries. More then likely, the mystery will continue - and perhaps that is part of the problem.

By now you know you won't find all the answers in some session at iTEX.

The heavens do not open up, illuminating the path toward MPS enlightenment, after 18 weeks of MPS boot camp/conference calls.

And unfortunately you may have found out your dire situation, if in the first hour of MPS training, the instructor tells you, "MPS is just like color was when it first came out..."

So, will you reach a higher level of MPS Nirvana after participating in our palaver?

Good lord I hope not, there are far too many MPS-Geeks, like me, out here already. Yes, we actually believe in some sort of MPS Nirvana - so sad.

Also, you may ask, will the Girls of DOTC be bouncing around, painted gold, and munching fishies?

If it were my show exclusively, you bet your sweet bippy the stripper polls would be out.

Alas, it is not my circus but Ed's - much more refined and dignified.

A good time will be had by all.

See you there!

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