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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Everything Was Going Great, Until the Elephants Showed Up

Scantily clothed lady in the pool, quick trip to retrieve the Mojito's.

Return to see the lovely lass distracted by two gargantuan pachyderms.

Huh -

Xerox strikes out against HP.

HP Fires back.

HP is one of, if not the largest, technology companies in the world and seems to be competing with EVERYONE.

The short list of competitors HP has drawn down on: Dell, IBM, XEROX, CISCO, EMC and Apple.

Just taking on one would be baleful - there are lines in the sand all over the place.

Xerox is keeping pace, by focusing on HP.

In a marketing move sometimes referred to as "positioning", by attacking HP's VAR programs, Xerox could be implicitly considered, by onlookers, on the same competitive level as HP.

Granted, Xerox and HP may have comparable girth - my point is this...MPS is finally defined, the battle begins. All of us here in the 98th percentile can benefit from the Clash of Those Titans. By positioning ourselves.

If I am "Joe CIO, or Mr. CFO" and I see Xerox and HP on Fox News, touting "business process", not "copiers" - how will I react when I receive a voice mail explaining how my business process can be costing me money?

On the contrary, how will said CFO respond to a voice mail regarding MPS and "...reducing the cost of supplies..." ? - touch three for delete.

Today, the god's are battling. We, individually, have the opportunity to not only ride the wake as those "titanics" of industry maneuver for position, some of us may even turn the Kraken to stone.

Or at the very least, wrest attention away from the elephants.

Check this ad out - HP/UPS, and some "bionic" label printing arm, thing.

Notice the phrases, "saves a couple of millions of pounds of paper each year" and "business process optimization"...

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