Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Managed Print Services Conference 2010, The DOTC Take Aways: Impressive

After Glow, the next morning - bold cup of coffee, self-reflection, call and tell all your friends.

Here are my top of mind issues from content DURING the show.

Because, yes, I will present my top Take Aways from events that occurred AFTER 5:30 P.M. - did you know some poor guy fell off a hotel balcony while celebrating his birthday?

1. Ken Stewart fired "all the copier slugs" -

I am rough on copier peeps, because I once was one. Ok, well I am one, you can never really get out, once you're in. It's like the Mafia, which never existed, by the way.

I admire the "shock value"; you go Ken, I got Leopard spots with your name on 'em!

2. Lawton utilized Indiana Jones - the Leap of Faith

I knew this show was going to be much different when the conference opening video included clips of Obama, Clinton, AND Regan all around takes from Glen Gerry Glen Ross, Boiler Room and others.

Lawton's use of Indy to convey the SharePoint message during his pesentation was genius.

3. Know Thy Self

Before you get into MPS, you must really know your strengths. And then, to thy self remain true - MPS will make the good better and the mediocre terrible see this.

4. Live video feeds, streaming to the globe and beyond - Profit Creek

The camera guys were cool. And it was great to see Misty running around, putting a microphone in attendees faces, doing her best Phil Danahue.

I understand that during the MPSA General Assembly, we had viewers from oversees. Cool.

Of course, I was told that during my and David's presentation, Myth vs. Reality, we had nearly 70 viewers online, from all over the world - nifty.

5. Doug MPS 101 -

Doug Johnson put it all out there, illustrating the basics needed to build a MPS practice.

Members of the audience had to practically beg Doug to sell to them.

I attended in the morning and returned later in the afternoon - the folks were still taking notes, paying attention and engaged, even after lunch!

Great Stuff.

Interesting observation, there is a split occurring within the consulting field, similar to the growing divide in MPS - those who get it, and those who still hold tightly to the mistakes of the past.

Doug is one of the few who gets it.

6. Josh and Justin, dynamite end user presentation

End users supreme - self implemented, national MPS project.

7. The Leopard Thong was a more popular subject then selling MPS consulting time - huh.

How did we ever sink to this level? I can't help but feel a slight sense of responsibility.

8. The MPSA is real, relevant and so far, has not been tainted by "sponsorship", although we do accept sponsors.

The MPSA, a year old, is moving forward - the four Pillars of Your MPSA:

1. Communications
2. Collaboration
3. Education
4. Industry Standards

More to come.

9. "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"

Ricoh's MDS is like Godzilla; humongous. But they understand the nuances of cultural challenges. And they are not alone, Canon's program, again, "MDS"(?) recognizes the cultural impact of change as well.

10. Ed's crew, all of them, put on a great show.

Well coordinated, fresh, and profound - No Matter what InfoTrends claims, Photizo was the first in - last year's MPS Conference was the premiere, MPS get together.

Those who try to re-write history are often exposed as charlatans. "Facts are stubborn things" - John Adams.

Shows like iTex wither and combine, yet attendance doubled here.

May the content thieves replicate, steal and re-brand.

It doesn't matter.

True MPS rolls along, blazing trails into the future, leaving the mysticism and old ways in the dust.

11. And finally, "It's the Customer, stupid..." -

Expressed throughout the conference by many, was a need to see more end users.

This is difficult and predictable.

All of us on the "inside" focus on infrastructure, tools, assessments and our definition of MPS. The manufacturers like Ricoh and Oki, design and build MPS programs geared to attract clients; if you build it, they will come - Myth.

When at the end of the day, or end of the month, it is the customer who defines what works for them - Reality.

Getting end users to attend this type of show is a daunting task.

Next year's Photizo MPSCon-2011 will be in Orlando.

There will be Five Tracks. Somebody kicked around a guess of 1400 attendees, live streaming, dancing girls, guns, and firetrucks - just kidding! I can see Ed's head exploding in slo-mo.

Maybe no guns - but imagine a sea of Leopard Headbands...glorious, simply, glorious.

Oh, and the fellow who fell off the balcony, was not connected to the MPS conference. His condition is unknown.

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  1. It is still interesting to me that 50% of the presentations had the old "The customer hides printers under their desk" story.

    My personal takeaway from the conference, from an end user perspective: I got to see glimpses behind the curtain of how this service is offered and sold; the things that are sometimes exploited, and how the ones doing it right can shine, even amongst a ballroom full of industry experts.

  2. For the record, I was channeling "The Donald" just a wee bit! I had no idea you sat up late into the night penciling my name on your leopard spots (if that's what we are calling them these days). I don't know whether to be flattered or fearful ;-)

    ... and the song plays on!

    Your points are expert and exacting - well as exacting as a cluster bomb can be. I enjoyed your perspective, and now I hate that I missed the first day!

    BTW, who fell off their balcony?